The 800 lb. Gorilla in the Room

Join Freedom for "The 800 lb. Gorilla in the Room" as we tackle difficult subjects (politics, racism, finances, etc) and address them head on.

Growing Up in 2020

What if the year that has the world turned upside down is also the year for GROWTH? 

Roaring 20's

Get ready as we answer the TOP 6 MOST ASKED QUESTIONS that you've been asking. Tough questions! Emotional questions! Personal questions!

Flatten the Curve

God has given you his very own "armor" to keep you thriving in any situation that comes your way, in your relationships, in your finances, in your career, and even in quarantine.

Freedom Speaks 2020

Get inspired and encouraged as amazing leaders from Freedom Church spread hope by sharing how God has moved in their lives!

No Perfect People Allowed

Jesus says, "Come as you are." To often the message we believe or unintentionally communicate to others is, "Get cleaned up, then come." Let's change that!

After God's Own Heart

Emotions get the best of you? Not anymore. Tackle anger, shame, greed, envy and fear so they don't control us anymore.

Love Los Alamos

Come be a part of a movement! God is doing something BIG in Los Alamos. Live 2020 to its fullest potential and experience the change in your life that you’ve been longing for.