Flatten the Curve

Spring (Quarantine) 2020

Whether you know it or not, you're in a battle. A battle against an invisible enemy that wants you to live defeated, discouraged, and unable to move forward. Fortunately God has given you his very own "armor" to keep you thriving in any situation that comes your way, in your relationships, in your finances, in your career, and even in quarantine.

PART 1 - Defeating an Invisble Enemy

March 22, 2020



PART 2 - What is Truth

March 29, 2020



PART 3 - Live Out Your Faith

April 5, 2020



PART 4 - Flatten the Curve of My Anxiety

May 17, 2020

PART 6 - What Story Do You Want Your Life to Tell

June 21, 2020

PART 7 - What's My Purpose In Life?

June 28, 2020