Ressurection Eggs and my Great Reminder from them!



Since I was working with our children at church this past Sunday, I decided to use Resurrection Eggs to help tell the Easter story.


I didn't know about these special eggs when my kids were little, but I remember watching as our children's minister at my church in Texas used them to help little ones remember the Easter story.


Resurrection Eggs are plastic Easter eggs that have a special object inside that represents an aspect of the Easter story. There are several versions out on the Internet so as you create, you can use different ideas. I decided to use a small cup as one of my objects.


A small cup can certainly represent the drinking of wine at the last supper. But, I wanted the small cup for one of my eggs to represent Jesus praying for God to let this cup pass from him. This is a big concept for kids to grasp, but I think it's like everything else. The more they hear it, the greater their understanding will be.


My issue became--What am I going to use as a cup. Keep in mind, I was thinking about these eggs all last week. I had every one figured out except the cup.


Luke 22:42 was heavy on my mind last week.


"Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me. Yet not my will, but yours be done."


In fact, I couldn't get it off my mind.


Thinking about Jesus facing something that in all his humanity he didn't want, weighed heavily on me. He knew the suffering that was before him. He knew the macabre emotions of taking on the sins of the world. He knew!! Yet, he still maintained his obedience to God that he had lived his entire life here on earth.


It took me back to dealing with something in my life that I didn't want. It took me back to having to come to terms with the death of my husband. I have told many people that coming to terms or accepting something that has happened in our lives that we don't want- that we never would have wanted- is one of the most difficult aspects of life.


I'm not comparing anything I've gone through to anything that Christ did or experienced. What I did this past week was use the only life experience I have had to try and comprehend what He was experiencing when he prayed this prayer THREE times. That's all that we can do in our limited human existence.


So through me thinking about this verse, I realized once again that no matter what I'm feeling, Christ truly does understand because he has experienced something similar. I realized once again, that He truly was completely human-- God in human flesh. And I was reminded once again that he is my ultimate example of how to live my life. The Christian life is about choosing obedience to God's will for our lives. Christ chose obedience every time- even to the point of death.

I'm committed to reading through the Easter story this week (Matthew 26-28). I'd love to hear what you are doing to prepare for Easter Sunday!! What a glorious day it will be!!


Here are some pictures of my Resurrection Eggs and a little information about them.



12 Plastic Easter Eggs Numbered 1-12.

Egg 1- Leaves- to represent the palm branches on Palm Sunday

Egg 2- Crackers- to represent the bread eaten at the Last Supper

Egg 3- Small Cup- to represent the prayer Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane

Egg 4- silver coins- to represent the 30 pieces of silver Judas received for leading the soldiers to Christ

Egg 5- rope- to represent Jesus being beaten.      

Egg 6- rose bush branch shaped like a crown. To represent the crown of thorns placed on Jesus' head.

Egg 7- a cross- to represent Jesus being hung on a cross.

Egg 8- nails- to represent the nails driven into Jesus' hands and feet

Egg 9- sponge- to represent Jesus' thirst and the wine vinegar he was given

Egg 10- spices- to represent his body being dead and prepared for burial (I used cloves)

Egg 11- a rock- to represent the stone rolled over the opening of the tomb, and then found moved when the women went to his grave.

Egg 12- empty- to represent the empty tomb.

I was so moved by how well the children did with each of these objects. I had a wide age range, and even the little ones could understand most of what we talked about. It fed my soul to go over this with these children!!

After sharing my experience with a friend, she told me about Resurrection Rolls! Crescent Rolls baked around a large marshmallow. When torn apart to eat, they are hallow- empty just like the grave that morning all those years ago! They have a sweet center from the melted marshmallow!! I plan on making them this Easter morning. Such a sweet picture of this special day!


If you need a  place to celebrate Easter and worship our Risen Lord, you are invited to Freedom Church. We meet at Aspen Elementary School at 11:00 each Sunday morning!