Prayer- I Want To Be Like That

My mom fell recently. Actually, she tripped over a curb. She learned from the women inside the business that several people have fallen there, but it meets code so nothing will be done about it.

My mom really fell. According to my sister, she face planted hard!! Thank God, she didn't break anything. And, I really mean-- Thank You, God. I truly believe that it was God who saved my mom from broken bones, broken teeth or a concussion.

You see, the minute she fell, a woman appeared standing over her- praying. She was praying for no broken bones for my mother. She was praying for no other injuries. She was praying for my mom's health. We truly believe that God answered this woman's prayers for my mother.

My take away from all of this besides being extremely grateful?

I want to be that woman!!!

I want to be a woman who before I do anything else, I pray!!

I want to be a woman who before I even assess someone who has fallen, I pray.

I want to be a woman whose first reflex is prayer.

I want to be a woman who before I cry about it, talk about it, or overthink about it- I pray about it!!!

I want my kneejerk reaction to always be PRAYER!!

Sadly, I'm not there yet!!

Our pastor, Mike Brake, is in the middle of a series of sermons on prayer. They have been so good for me to listen to because they come at a time in my life when I'm trying to develop this lifestyle of prayer in my life. It's not that I don't pray- I do, but It isn't my first response most of the time like I want it to be.

If you need some encouragement on your prayer life, I encourage you to listen. We've been out of town the last two Sundays, but the sermons have been my treadmill companion as I try to get my workouts in while on our trip!!

They can be your companion too!!