• Following Jesus will cost you something, such as saying

    no to yourself and yes to God. But when you learn to do

    this, your life will have more meaning and joy, and you will

    be participating in something much greater than yourself.

  • You may think that you just don’t have the time, resources,

    or ability to make any sort of difference to others in your day. 

    But it is way more simple than you think. 

  • Now is a great time to get started.  If you take this journey

    through God’s word you will find yourself changing, growing

    in wisdom, and there will be a whole new person looking at

    you in the mirror this time next year. 

  • Why not follow the example of a little child and

    with simple trust and humility, ask my Father for

    help, wisdom, and direction? Why miss a single

    opportunity to engage in relationship with my

    Lord and Savior?